PARSA Men Beard Brush softens, Shapes, cleanses and Cares for Every Beard

For many men, the beard is the fashion accessory par excellence and stands for both uniqueness and individuality, as well as proud masculinity. Our popular beard brush will help you care for and style your beard, free it from dandruff and dirt, and make it easier to apply care products such as facial hair. Bart oil.
The brush provides best care results for your beard. Due to the bristles, which are soft in contrast to the comb, care is much more pleasant and gentler on the skin and beard roots. The ergonomically shaped handle of our brush is made of pear wood and hand-stained. Each brush has a light, unique texture.
Synthetic bristles optimally absorb the natural nutrients of your skin and distribute them evenly in your beard hair. In no time at all the beard is shed and knot-free and soft. So that both the hairline and the skin are cared for, the bristles are graduated in length. Dead skin particles are easily removed.… Read More

NJORD Beard Brush, Excellent Boar Bristle Beard Brush for Optimal Beard Grooming – High-Quality Boar Bristle Brush with Convenient Beech Wood Handle, 12 x 6.5 cm

SOFT BRISTLE HAIR BRUSH: Our beard brush is the perfect tool for you to keep both your beard and skin healthy and good looking. The brush is made from high quality board bristle which stimulates your beard and skin every time you use it. An essential beard tool for any grooming set.
EFFECTIVE BEARD EXFOLIATOR: This tool makes for an excellent exfoliator brush as it gets rid of any dry or itchy skin. The brush will also keep your beard clean from dust, beard dandruff or other filth that will get stuck in it during the day.
NATURAL BEARD SOFTENER: Natural oil from your beard will be spread throughout the beard keeping it healthy and prevent it from looking greasy at all times. Continuous use of our beard brush will straighten your beard hair preventing ingrown hair.… Read More

Vegan Beard Brush – Vegetal Bristles for Beard and Moustache from Golden Beards – The Best Vegan Beard Grooming kit from Germany.

✔️ VEGAN: Natural Fibers is made from a plant unique to the semi-desertic areas of northern Mexico, the Agave Lechugilla, with a Hand sculpted wooden processes in high-quality hardwood (pearwood), natural oiled finished which offers greater comfort and pleasant feel, The fibre is a soft to medium bristle.
✔️ NATURAL: If you are looking for something natural or different from synthetic or wild bristles, our Vegan Beard Brush has what you need! Be 100% Vegan!
✔️ GIFT IDEA: All our products come with a nice packaging, ideal if you want to make a present to your dad, husband, boyfriend or just a friend! Also for Christmas, birthday parties or because you want.… Read More

Beard Brush – 100% Natural Boar Bristle Beard Brush by Benjamin Bernard – Perfect Beard Care Accessory – Beard Grooming Brush to Style, Soften and Condition Beard – 9 x 4.5cm

High Quality Boar Bristle Beard Brush: Made from 100% natural boar bristles with beech wood handle for the ultimate beard grooming tool
Versatile Brush For Beard Care: Use beard brush to detangle, clear debris from the hair, distribute beard oil or shape facial hair with wax
Ideal Beard Styling Tool: A beard brush is the most effective tool for beard maintenance to tame unruly, rogue hairs into a suave facial hair style… Read More

Norse Tradesman Authentic Bone Drakkar Comb for Beard and Hair

🕯️ HANDCRAFTED ART – Handcrafted from a single piece of genuine ox bone, this comb is one-of-a-kind. No two are alike. Comb measures 7.75 cm x 6.5 cm x 0.6 cm
🕯️ DRAKKAR LONGSHIP DESIGN – Each comb is masterfully and beautifully carved into the likeness of a Viking longship by the hands of master carvers. This is a painstaking process and takes nearly a full day to complete.
🕯️ MAINTAIN YOUR BEARD – Tame your Viking beard with this narrow tooth comb. The natural bone surface produces no static effect and interacts well with beard oils, waxes and pomades.… Read More

Folding Wooden Comb – 100% Solid Beech Wood – Fine Tooth Pocket Sized Beard, Mustache, Head Hair Brush Combs for Men Perfect for All Hair Types – Travel, Styling & Detangler

THE BEST FOLDING POCKET COMB FOR FUNCTIONALITY AND STYLE: Imagine combing your beard or head hair with perfectly shaped round tips designed to avoid scratching your scalp and creating micro-lesions. Every bristle is finely-crafted to spread oils and balms thoroughly, ensuring that your skin absorbs the nutrients holistically. Say goodbye to nicks and cuts and ditch your old, harsh-tipped combs
PEAK COMFORT! NO ANNOYING TUGS OR PULLS: The MEDca folding wooden comb lets you comb your beard, mustache, or head hair without tiring your hands from detangling your knots. Our comfort grip handle is designed ergonomically to avoid strain and hand strain. Smoothen out your hair without the annoying tugs and pulls! Our Smart Grip technology enables you to firmly grasp the comb without slipping or without snapping it in half
METICULOUSLY HAND-CRAFTED! DURABLE & STURDY: Say goodbye to weak pocket-sized, folding wooden combs for men. The MEDca folding wooden comb is made up of beech wood, made for top functionality and strength. Hand-crafted, polished and meticulously manufactured for the best quality, we bring you the finest material to use on your crowning glory. No more hand-slips, no more hair breakage, no more frizzy knots- just better, lustrous hair every single day… Read More

1SourceTek 3Pcs Natural Wooden Hair Comb – Fine Tooth Wood Comb for Women – No Static Anti Detangling Sandalwood Comb

100% handcrafted from natural Sandalwood with refreshing aroma which is anti static, durable and lightweight, very comfortable to handle and will not snag hairs like plastic comb.
Healthy Hair Care: The natural wooden comb is ideal for hair care, not easy to generate static during combing the hair, which make the dry hair is more dry and easy to break. Long-term use of sandalwood comb can stimulate scalp circulation, promote hair growth, and help keep your scalp and hair healthy.
No obstacles, no static electricity, no hair loss, reduced hair breakage and the damage to scalp, allow you massage the scalp during combing, relax the scalp and help the hair grow. Very suitable for natural wavy hair or straight Hair, also can be used to comb beard.… Read More

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