Tips for Finding the Best Beard Trimmer

When purchasing as a gift you want to make sure that you purchase the best beard trimmer available for the man who will be on the receiving end. One of the ways to accomplish this is by comparing the different … Read More

About Us

Who Are We? Men’s Beard is a family run site which aims to offer the best and most innovative products for beard grooming and overall beard maintenance and styling. We aim to ensure that we are the one-stop shop for … Read More

10 Funny Sports

Human beings have been taking part in sports for centuries. Whereas many sports attract a following because of the competition, the excitement and the thrill they have, there are a number that draw crowds because of their eccentric or out … Read More

Glitter Hair Gel for Beards & Eyebrows + Tint Brush

10ml pot of Glitter Hair Gel + Application Mini Tint Brush SAME DAY DISPATCH ON ORDERS PLACED BEFORE 2PM
Wide range of eye-catching colours avaialble including Neons for Festivals
Each pot of Glitter Gel purchased will come with a Mini Tint Application Brush… Read More

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