A Skin Care Guide for Men


First and foremost, men’s skin care should consist of much more than shaving balm and aftershave. Since most men would be aided by an expanded knowledge about skin care, this article will lay out the basics for a successful skin care regimen.

As men generally do not use a multi-step approach as women for skin care, it is best to know which products are best for skin protection, nourishment, and skin rejuvenation.

The Fundamentals for Basic Grooming

Certain skin care products should be on hand for daily use:

Facial Cleanser. Everyday it is important to wash your face two times using an effective face cleanser. A productive approach here would be to use a facial cleanser containing alpha hydroxy acid. This component aids in opening up skin pores, eliminating dead cells, and overall rejuvenation of the skin.

Shaving lotion. The emphasis on shaving cream is that it has a high level of lubrication that will prevent the conditions that lead to razor burn. The two ways shaving lotions are delivered are through pressurized bottles or with soap that is applied with a brush. There is some evidence that by using a brush, the face hairs will stand more straight. This allows for an easier shave.

Aftershave balm. It is common for men to use an aftershave to soothe their skin after shaving. The lotion may contain an antiseptic to prevent infection, a moisturizer, or fragrance.

Moisturizer. As we advance in age, we have essential oils that moisturize our skin that we begin to lose. As these oils dry out, an effective moisturizer can pick up the slack. Moisturizers that are rich in the antioxidants of vitamin A, C, and E are recommended as they delay the aging of skin cells. Make sure that your skin care cream does not contain lauryl sulfate as this ingredient will strip away our skin’s natural oils.

Sunscreen. The best thing to prevent aging in one’s skin is to use sunblock. It should be applied every time you spend any duration of time under the sun. Certain skin care experts have recommended to apply sunscreen upon finishing your daily shave. The important part is to make sure the sunscreen is of an SPF factor of at least 15.

Skin Care: The Perfect Shave

There are significant advantages to shaving that are not well known. For instance, there takes place with each shave significant exfoliation to help keep your skin young and healthy looking. If you shave improperly, there is the danger of razor bumps and burns. These form when facial hair that was cut too short curls back up into the skin. For an effective shave, consider these following steps:

Soften Beard Texture. Lather your face considerably with hot water. Before rinsing your beard with water, it may be beneficial to apply a warm washcloth to increase the softness of the hairs.

Shaving Cream Technique. Cover your beard completely with the shaving cream. It is important to lather in deeply the shaving cream. This will make the hairs stand up and lubricate the skin.

Shave Razor. It is important the razor is sharp. Shave in the direction the hairs lay. Keep your skin relaxed and avoid repeating any strokes.

Complete Rinse. Rinse the remaining shaving cream off your face with cool or warm water. Your skin will be dried out with hot water.

Source by Scott O Johnson