All About Men: Makeover For Guys


Guys usually think that dressing up and looking good equate to vanity. However, in the recent times, looking good is necessary for guys. Making the first impression during an interview or asking a beautiful girl out ensures your success. It is advisable to put your best foot forward in both your personal and professional life. If you are having a problem on how to improve your look, below are some tips you can follow for your makeover.

To start looking good, begin with eating healthy and exercise. By doing this, you can get your body to become healthy, in shape and fit. Eat healthy food and have a balanced diet. Also, exercise regularly by going to the gym and lifting some weights. It does not mean that you really have to pump up your muscles; you can just get them toned. In addition, going to the gym will give you enough energy for the day.

If you have the same type of hairstyle since junior high, then it is highly recommended that you get a new haircut. You can try looking at pictures of different male celebrities. Notice their cut and choose the style that is best for your personality. By doing this, you can properly explain to your stylist the kind of look you want.

The best way to capture a woman's attention is to look well-groomed. You can do this by taking a bath everyday and by using a good moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. You can also put on some sexy smelling cologne that women loves. Wear shoes that are polished and trim your beard regularly if you have one. Also remember to use herbal lip balm to keep your lips shiny. Never think that this will make you look like a woman. Go for a manicure and pedicure for your hands and feet care.

The reason for a makeover is to change the way you look. Here, youought to change your wardrobe and accessorize. Pack all the clothes that you think are already out of style and buy new t-shirts for casual wear and shirts for formal wear. You can also buy new pants for your casual and formal wear. Buy shirts with diagonal stripes, blue-gray pants and hooded sweatshirts. To look fashionable, accessorize using ties and classy shoes. You can also improve your look by wearing branded glasses and cool eye glasses. If you have no idea about the latest fashion, you can also ask your friend to help you or give you some ideas.

Now that you completely changed your look, always remember that the main ingredient to make the makeover work is the right attitude and confidence to carry yourself. So, hold your head high, walk with confidence and wear a bright smile.

Source by Danny Winston