Banish the Comb Over – Hair Style Ideas For Bald Men


Most men are not fastidious about their grooming habits beyond taking a shower and smelling nice except for one particular thing – if they are losing their hair. Balding men are self-conscious about their follicly-challenged scalps and go to great pains, like the infamous comb-over, to camouflage their creeping hairlines. The good news is there are some great hair style ideas for bald men that are quite attractive and can be great confidence boosters.

What The Buzz Is All About

For thinning hair, nothing says great camouflage like a buzz cut, sometimes known as a crew cut, flat top, military cut or brush cut. Buzzing the head is one of the first lines of defense and tops hair style ideas for bald men. While you can not totally hide a receding hair line, the buzz cut hides the fact your hair may be thinning. An electric razor is used and can be set at a variety of depths to shear the hair to your preference – from close to the scalp to a slightly longer length.

A La David Beckham

Among the hair style ideas for bald men include the faux hawk, a cut made stylish and popular by soccer star David Beckham and even movie star Jude Law. For men with receding hairlines at the temples, the faux hawk is both bold and quite masculine. This style leaves a longer length of hair down the center of your head that can be either spiked up with gel or combed back for definition.

Bald Can Be Beautiful

Not every man can carry off a bald head but sometimes being hair-free is tops some hair style ideas for bald men. If your hair is noticeably thin or you have bald patches that can not be hidden by existing hair in an attractive, reasonable manner, shaving it all off would be the way to go. Of course, shaving the scalp requires routine maintenance for the smooth, sleek appearance, unless you consider stubble on top of your head a sexy look. Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel and Michael Jordan all sport bald heads and many people prefer this look on them when comparing them to older pictures with hair.

On The Fringes

For those men who are balding on top but still have healthy, thicker hair around the head, you can work with that too. Among the many hair style ideas for bald men, consider Patrick Stewart of Star Trek fame, Sean Connery and even Dr. Phil who have bald heads but sport a nicely trimmed fringe of hair. Make this pseudo-monk look work for you by sporting nicely trimmed and contoured fringe or even grow a moustache, goatee or beard to draw attention to your follically-challenged head.

Hair style ideas for bald men may be somewhat limited but you still have options that could work for you. Consider the shape of your head and neck as well as the presence of facial hair or lack thereof when you choose a style.

Source by Brian Welsch