Black Men Shaving Tips – Prevention of Ingrown Hair


Bloody bumps and ingrown hair caused by shaving is a common problem in black men. It may occur after the shaving or a bit later. For the black men it is a big embarrassment. In fact, many black men do not shave regularly because they do not want to deal with the problem of ingrown hairs.

Actually, the main cause behind the ingrown hair is the tip of the naturally curly hair, which goes back into the skin after the shave and does not come out of the skin. It is advised by the Dermatologists that before the shaving, the black men should use a mild astringent to clean the skin deeply. It kills the germs and bacteria, which causes infection.

For black men, it is advisable to not to use soap, as soap cleans only the surface of the skin. It actually dries the skin and that is another major cause behind the ingrown hairs. The dry hair is very tough and strong. Before the shaving, the hair should be deeply moisturized. It can be done by steaming either in a hot shower or by using a hot washcloth for 5 – 10 minutes.

Also a rich moisturizing lubricant is advisable. The lubricant should be remained on the hairs for 3-5 minutes.

The above actions will not only lessen the hair’s strength, but will also soften the hair for lifting it up off the skin. After these actions, when the shaving is performed, the blade will be able to slice the hair cleanly giving a blunt tip and not a broken pointed tip. Only a clean, fresh and sharp blade should be used in the razor. A dull blade causes ingrown hairs.

There is another pre-caution to be taken by the black men while shaving. Most people can perform shaving both in and against the hair growth direction without the risk of ingrown hair, but for a black man, it should always be performed in the hair growth direction. It should never be performed against the hair growth direction.

Too much pressure on the razor should be avoided. Also repeated strokes on the same area should not be used. It cuts the hair very short. After the shaving, the skin should be washed thoroughly with warm water to remove the remaining lubricant. The skin should be rinsed again with cold water to soothe the follicles and tone the skin.

Either a witch hazel or menthol is advisable after the shaving because these products harden the hairs and also limits the natural curling when the hair grows back. The skin should be moisturized after the shaving. Many moisturizers do not work for the black man. The mink or tea tree oil is highly recommended for the black men. The above steps ensure healthier skin and hair and prevent ingrown hair.

Source by Dinesh Junoon