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  • The Authentic Beardman’s Signature Beard Oils (Oud)

    QUALITY – Second To None – The Authentic Beardman’s Beard Oil Is Formulated With the Finest Organic/Natural Ingredients On The Market. This Product Is Formulated By Hand. We Do NOT Use Chemicals, Preservatives, Paraben or GMOs In Any Of Our Products. None Of Our Products Have Been Tested On Animals.
    BENEFITS – No Less Than 10 Beard Hair And Skin Benefits. Scroll Down To The Product Description Below For More Information.
    FRAGRANCE – Magical Fragrance! This Oud Blend Has a Full-bodied And Deep Resin-like Aroma With Intense Earthy Undertones. It Contains Rare Amber Oil Made From Ancient Fossilised Tree Resin, Along With Precious Agarwood CO2 For An Earthy, Grounded Scent. It Includes An Array Of Oils Held Sacred For Millennia – Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Spikenard, And More – Will Carry You Back To A Time When Precious Oils Were As Highly Valued As Gold And Gems.