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  • Beard Balm Sandalwood 30g

    The Bearded Man Company’s Beard Balm is an extremely versatile blend of nourishment and hold. Offering all the benefits of our Beard Oil, with the added ability to tame and shape the Beard. Resulting in a natural look with good definition, perfect for creating a barely styled look with minimal effort.
    This balm will help you lock your beard precisely into the shape and style of your choice, without leaving any greasy residue or a stiff, crisp feel. It’s an essential tool for your beard grooming arsenal.
    This Ph balanced, alcohol free formula contains a unique combination of high quality ingredients, designed to keep your beard healthy and you looking your best. Packed with a myriad of oils, butters, and botanicals, this is a smart addition to your daily regimen

    not rated £9.99
  • Wooden 24 Sampler Gift Box Set

    100% Natural, High Performance and Made to Work
    Its fast absorbing, ultra light and non greasy
    A few drops is all you need. Rub into the palms of your hands gently massage onto skin & beard

    not rated £39.99