Discovering How to Shine a Brighter Light on Skin Care For Men

If you have you noticed lately the daily appearance of John McCain on the evening news, you’d see the markings on the Senator’s face can not escape the notice of observant men. Care basics must certainly enter the mind of those who see McCain’s face. Those basics prescribe skin care for men, including efforts to protect skin from the sun’s harshest rays.

Women young and old admire the bodies of tanned men. Skin care for men seldom raises concerns in the minds of such women. Yet each married woman, and each woman with a romantic partner, has reason to learn about men skin care.

Suppose, for example, that a woman has a husband who has chosen to shower twice a day. Such frequent showers will remove the outer layers of dead skin cells. They will facilitate the formation of an even tan. Yet such frequent showers will also dry the skin.

A wise woman would persuade her husband to consider showering only once each day. She would remind him not to use bar soaps. The binders in such soaps can dehydrate the skin.

Thousands of years ago a wise Persian woman shared with her husband a trick for exfoliating the skin. She showed him a special soap that she used for that purpose. Today, many Persian men use that soap to retain a healthy-looking glow.

A wise woman does not let her husband think that aging skin should concern only an older adult male. When young men use an anti-aging product, then they can prolong the amount of time that they have an opportunity to enjoy a healthy-looking skin.

Unlike women, men seldom like to take the time to apply a skin care product. A wise wife tries her best to sway her favorite man. A wise mother or sister seeks to sway her favorite man. Skin care for men, if applied regularly, can help to prevent premature aging.

Of course, a wise woman helps to select the most effective men skin care products. She knows that attention to the label on such products should be part of good facial care. She reminds her husband about the importance of two important proteins.

One of those proteins is called collagen. All healthy skin has the ability to make collagen. Such collagen production provides the cells with a fiber-like protein. That protein gives added strength to skin cells. It makes it firmer.

In aging skin, collagen production can disappear. The absence of collagen in aging skin accounts for the sagging associated with it. By using a product that stimulates collagen production, a man can aid the restoration of skin strength.

Still, a man can not expect to be youthful-looking, if he purchases skin care for men containing collagen, but no elastin. In the absence of elastin, the skin does not appear at all flexible. If a skin care product can not stimulate the production of elastin, the treated areas will never be able to return to its original position, after being pulled or stretched.

A wise woman steers her man away from products that do little more than fill-in the lines and wrinkles on the skin. A wise woman encourages the purchase of men skin care that can stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. She knows that such products will give the man of her dreams the look of his dreams-skin that does not show the effects of aging.

Source by Laurel Levine