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  • Gnarly Joe Beard Styling and Straightening Wax for Men, Unscented. 100% Natural Ingredients. Sheanut Butter, Cocoa…

    TAME THAT MANLY MANE – Treat your beard with the respect it deserves. Gnarly Joe men’s beard balm wax is crafted to shape, grow, nourish, style and strengthen your beard. Joe’s beard relaxer repairs split-end damage, beard itch and calms under beard skin. Supports follicle hydration and overall beard health for a tidier groomed beard. 100% natural leave in beard softener for men that soaks quickly into the skin to tame even the most unruly, dry, coarse and wild beard hair.
    CONDITIONS & MOISTURISES – Beards aren’t just for show. Whether it’s side burns, stubble, goatee or all out full grown, your man beard tells your story. Formulated to deeply soften, moisturise, condition and control your beard for maximum oil and shine. Gnarly Joe beard balm for men soothes dry skin and irritation, especially in men with long beards. No fragrance, fillers, sulfates, parabens, additives or alcohol. Just wholesome beardcraft goodness for your manly beard.
    SOOTHING BOTANICALS – Masculine beard grooming for real men. Gnarly Joe Argan, Jojoba and Shea beard wax is the ultimate styling balm for your beard to keep it groomed to perfection. Packed with tree nut oils and natural botanicals to promote beard growth and benefit your skin’s health, Joe’s leave in beard conditioner styles, grooms and thickens facial hair growth. His best shaper and beard softener ingredients will help you hold, support and hydrate towards a better beard.