Guide to a Close Wet Shave

With many men ignoring the benefits of wet shaving in today’s world and instead opting for the ‘ease’ of a mechanical shave, wet shaving is regarded as a chore and something that causes irritation. This stigma associated with wet shaving is totally unfounded and actually wet shaving is good for you, it helps exfoliate the skin, remove dead cells but too often a razor shave is executed incorrectly which results in rashes, dry skin and discomfort.

The fundamental part of a wet shave is in the preparation of the face before the shave itself takes place. The best time to shave incidentally is when your skin is hot, such as after a shower or you could use a hot face cloth to create this. The next thing to do is to buy a premium silver tipped badger’s hair shaving brush and some shaving soap and make up a mixture which you can then apply and rub on with the shaving brush. This process should not be rushed and should take around 120 seconds across the whole face and this action stimulates the hair growth so that it means you will get the smoothest shave of your life.

Then the shave itself, it almost doesn’t matter the type of razor that you have, whether its a traditional safety razor or a branded product, the art of a good shave is in the previous step and as long as you shave with the grain of the beard you will not fail to get an extra smooth shave. Hold the razor in one hand and keep the skin stretched with the other. Remember to keep the razor unclogged by swilling it with water and remember to repeat the processes for an extra smooth and close shave.

Source by Jimmy Chongo