Guide To Buying Electric Shavers


Honest speaking, not a lot of men put much thought in buying electric shavers. They think that shavers are shavers are shavers – and the end result is the same. However, the problem lies in the fact that the end result is never the same. The closest shave always comes from matching the type of electric shavers to the right job. And by this, we are implying the actual facial hair that should be shaved off in the first place. Here's the deal: instead of looking at men's electrical shavers from the price tag level, why not first try to determine what type of facial hair you are dealing with.

For men with sparse beard growth or those with fine facial hairs, single foil or single head shavers may be sufficient enough for a close shave. Fine hairs are easily removed and this causes very little irritation on the skin. On the other hand, men with coarser beard growth can benefit very from dual foil or dual action shavers. These kind of shavers are not only faster to use, but can give a thorough run of the blades. This gives off that feeling of smooth shave, without much irritation. Lastly, for guys who have to deal with extremely coarse facial hair, triple head shavers are the apt solution. These electric shavers can handle all lengths of hair – from the fine bristles on the top of the lips to the long hairs on the neck. If you need to constantly use the trimmer for in order to complete your shave, you may not need to do so if you use triple head shavers.

Some people prefer using these kinds of shavers, thinking that these cause the least amount of facial irritation. However, irritation can be greatly minimized by simply choosing the type of device that is best suited for the hair growth in question. Plus, there are creams and lotions that can help ease down discomfort after each shave.

Other shaver features you should be looking for are:

Ease of use. Electric shavers can get a lot of working time. So why not choose a machine that you can actually manipulate without a lot of fussing. Make sure that the shaver you are actually actually following the contours of your face; rather than you making constant adjustments just to achieve the same movement. The better the flexibility of the device you have, the closer the shave you will get.

Recharge time. Depending upon the model you have, some rechargeable models can run for 30 to 40 minutes in one go. But you need to plug these for 8 to 16 hours straight. You may want to choose the ones that have lesser recharge time – and with the option for quick recharge. This is in case you have forgotten to charge the machine but would still need to use the device.

Waterproof features. Although most men would prefer shaving dry, there are still others who prefer shaving in the showers. Naturally, waterproof shavers are more expensive than conventional ones. So if you are worried about the price, then you can stick with the lot of conventional shavers. However, one of the major advantages of waterproof machines is that these can be placed under the tap. This is an especially helpful feature in case you want the device cleaned of possible bacterial growth with hot or warm water.

Source by Marky Martin