Have You Had the Ultimate Shave?

To look and feel at your best … it has to be an organic wet shave. Although a dry shave can save a few vital minutes in the morning, nothing beats an organic wet shave for closeness, smoothness and freshness.

Ensure you have the essentials ready: hot water, a clean, sharp razor and an organic face wash, shaving gel and after shave moisturizer.

Do not shave as soon as you get up, try to leave at least 20 minutes for your muscles to tighten, lifting your whiskers away from your face, making it easier to shave.

Facial hair can be quite tough so we start by softening the beard. This will make the shave closer, more pleasurable and you are less likely to end up with nicks.

Wash your face to cleanse and moisturize the face and soften the beard. Rinse with warm water.

Splash the face with almost too-hot water. Massage your organic shaving gel gently onto the skin. This will lift and expand the hair shaft and further soften the beard making it less decent and easier to cut.

If you have time, do not begin the shave immediately, give your shaving gel a couple of minutes to thoroughly soften your beard.

For the best organic wet shave it is important to note the direction of the growth of your facial hair – this is the direction in which you should shave. Use slow but short sweeps with a steady pressure, starting from the sides of your ears. The hair is less dense here and in the meanime the tougher areas will soften.

Whilst shaving use your free hand to check for stubble and gently pull your skin to create as flat as possible surfaces for your razor. Regularly rinse the razor with hot water.

Smooth your hands all over your beard area to check for stray hairs and re-shave in any places you may have missed. When all the beard has been removed rinse your face and neck thoroughly with warm water. Then give it a splash of cold.

Gently pat, rather than rub, your face dry with a clean towel.

To protect your freshly exfoliated skin from indoor heating, air conditioning, hard water, wind, cold, sun, pollution and stress reinforces your natural defenses with a light organic after shave moisturizer. Apply sparingly to face and neck with light tapping motions.

Have you ever felt better?

Source by A Gubbins