Help, It's Hair Loss

Balding results due to ultimate loss of hair and this is an annoying experience for each and every person. Nobody desires to loiter with a bald head. Hair distinguishes the personality of a person and it is considered an important one that gives identity to a person. Usually if a person looses his hair it signifies that he is either aging or losing his health. In this article, the different types of hair loss and useful suggestions to avoid hair fall is deal with.

The universal kind of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness in men and female pattern baldness in women. According to the reports given by experts it has been found out that 90% of hair loss is due to androgenetic alopecia. There are many common types of hair loss that are transitory, but with androgenetic alopecia this is not the case. If this continues it may lead to baldness in man and thinning of hair in women. The reason for this problem is due to genetic factor and high level of dihydrotestosterone. Although the main reason for baldness is androgenetic alopecia poor nutrition is also another cause for this problem.

If an individual has lost much hair it is ideal to go in for treatments such as transplant surgery, hair pieces or wigs. Due to the drastic development of science and technology the techniques of these treatments has also improved drastically and therefore it is very rare to see fellow men with bald head. Minoxidil is highly accepted for both men and women by FDA and is also widely available throughout. Studies reveal the fact that Minoxidil not only aggravates the growth of hair up to 30% but also hinders the loss of hair by 90%.

The following four suggestions, if followed, would be highly helpful to rectify the problem of bald head. Natural oils obtained from pumpkin seed, linseed and almond oil are stimulants used for the growth of hair. These natural products do not cause side-effects and it is also readily available at a reasonable price. Diet is also an important necessity for hair growth. Important vitamins necessary for hair growth are vitamin B6, B12 and E.

Exercise is also an important factor for the growth of the hair. If proper exercise is not done the flow of blood to the scalp will not be regular. The hair may lack in nutrition and this may also lead to loss of hair. Recently many products rich in nutrition, stimulants and minoxidil are available in the market and when used has produced noticeable results. It is highly advised to use a natural hair growth treatment with targeted nutrients.

Source by Julia Hopkins