How To Get a Closer Shave


For most men, shaving is a daily chore that is avoided whenever possible. Knowing that the beard will begin to reappear even before laying your head on the pillow can make it seem like a pointless task. Add to that the frequent nicks and razor burn, and shaving could easily be thought of as self-infected torture. There are, however, some ways that you can keep your beard at bay just a little longer and greatly reduce nicks and irritation.

Of course the first part of your shave routine is beard preparation. You should always begin your routine by dampening your face with warm water, either by splashing the water directly onto your skin or by wiping a washcloth or towel and applying it to your face and neck for about a minute. This will help to make your skin more pliable (and therefore less sooner to cuts) and will soften your beard.

Next, use a high quality shave cream (the kind that comes in a tube), shaving soap, or non-foaming gel instead of canned shaving foam. Foam is mostly air which, of course, is not a good lubricant. Some shave creams are intended for direct application to your beard, and others are intended to whipped into a lather with a shaving brush and some water. You may also want to consider a pre-shave oil. Not only will this help to lubricate your skin, but it can also help to protect and preserve your blade.

This brings us to the topic of razors. More blades in a cartridge does not necessitate result in a closer shave. A very close shave can be had with one double-edged blade in a safety razor. While this style of razor takes a little more care and practice, the results are significantly better when used correctly. These blades have the added benefit of being very cheap in comparison to cartridge razors. Double-edge safety razors, while initially more expensive (starting at about $ 20) will save you money in the long run. With proper care a stainless steel safety razor will last a lifetime, and the blades they hold are very cheap. Our blade of choice, Feather Hi-Stainless, is the sharpest and most expensive blade available. However, a package of 100 blades can be found at various online retailers for approximately $ 35. Even if you are only able to get 4 shaves from each blade, 100 blades will last you more than a year. Compare that to about $ 16 or more for a 4-pack of cartridge blades, and you can easily see significant savings.

Now for a few words on shaving technique. Do not expect a close shave with only one pass of your razor. On your first pass, you should shave with the direction of beard growth. You should then lather up again and make a second pass across the grain. If you're still not satisfied shave against the grain, but be very careful – this is when you're most likely to end up with nicks and / or razor burn.

Last, buy shaving products that you love! If you do, you'll look forward to shaving every morning and you'll take the time that is necessary for a clean shave free of injury or irritation.

Source by Gilbert Henry