Men's Guide: How to Attract Women – Tips on Appearance

Each individual has its own expectation and taste level on guys. It's difficult to sum up what makes a guy attractive for girls in terms of appearance and most of the time, especially my long-term single male friend would think that it's just nonsense.

Yet, one after another research has been done on topics like 'top 10 facial features of a perfect guy', which implies that there are indeed shared values ​​in women's eyes in judging what an attractive guy should look like.

Well OK, not trying to be low and emphasis on appearance, but let's face the truth, appearance is the very first impression you give to somebody you met.

Men's Appearance Do's ad DON'Ts

Below concluding are drawn completely from women / girl's point of view. Feel free to share your point of view after reading!

Your Face

1. Personal hygiene is of serious top priority for everyone. Your face, especially your eyes, is the very first part where people would look at when meeting you. Make sure your face is clean. There should not have any body fluid (or dried-up ones) around your eyes, nose, lips, ear and on your skin (yeh, it's disgusting only thinking about it).

2. Facial hair like moustache or beard can be sexy, but any un-trimmed nose hair, long eyebrows or ear hair would only put negative impact to your whole look as well as adding an aging effect. (Santa Claus has extremely long eyebrows right?)

3. For those who keep moustache or beard, do make sure that they are neat, free of food-residue and dust-free.

4. Healthy and clean teeth project a youthful image. Do visit dentist regularly for your teeth of health, especially for those who smoke.

5. Girls spend quite some time in face cleaning. We do not expect the same happening for men, but at least keeping your skin oil-free would make you look much more appetizing. One tip to keep your skin oil-free is to get your skin moisturized. This can balance the water-oil ration of your skin.

6. Please do not perceive a girl as 'naïve' if she avoids you purely on your look. Ask yourself if you would like to date someone who appears to be lack of showers.

Your Hair

1. Many guys do take good care of their hair, which is a good sign. Applying a bit of hair product can definitely help styling your hair and keep the shape for rest of the day. However, DO NOT apply too much as that would look dirty and dated. Remember the 'Less is More' rule.

2. Do wash your hair regularly and please do not allow your hair left unwashed until it smells. If you are keeping longer hair, please pay extra attention to keep your hair clean and neat.

3. Make sure you do have your hair trimmed regularly, as that would give you fresh look.

4. Being BALD is not the end of the world. As a matter of fact, it is rated as one of the sex appeals that women look for.

Your Body

1. A well-trained body is clearly attractive for a certain type of ladies. But please DO NOT overly trained your body muscle. Mr. Incredible is only funny in animations.

2. Some regular workout not only can help you keeping a beer belly away, but also is very important for your own health.

3. Nails should be clean. You do not have to do manicure every week, but black nails should be avoided.

4. Use deodorant when needed. Body odor is unsuitable for anyone.

Your Style

Everybody has his or her own different style, which makes the fashion world so fascinating 🙂 Here are just some general basic styling concepts that can attract girls:

1. Styling rule of thumb – tidy and neat. If you dunno what style is suitable for yourself, always keep it simple, tidy and neat.

2. Do get clothing that fits nicely. That would make you look smarter. If you do not know how to judge if something fits you or not, try to ask for advices from sales person outside fitting rooms.

3. Please do not wear white socks, GROWN-UP guys, especially when you are in formal wear. They are for students under 18 only.

4. A pair of descent shoes is always a plus point for your overall styling. Not only women, but also men (like in a job interview) do pay loads of attention on shoes.

I hope the above tips are useful for guys, especially single ones who always claim that they do not understand what a girl wants.

Source by Moxyl Oilli