Perfect, Smooth Skin With 4 Secrets to Proper Shaving

Getting the perfect, smooth skin requires the knowledge of the secrets of a few, good men. This article will present the 4 secrets to achieving the perfect shave.

Choose the Right Blades

You need to understand the choice of the number of blades in your shave. The number of blades actually determines the comfort of your shaving experience. It also is dependent on your preferences.

For example, a four-bladed razor usually requires fewer passes on the beard to achieve a close cut but this can also likely result in skin irritation. If you had just begun shaving, you can start with two-bladed disposables. If you get more comfortable, work your way up to more blades depending on your preference just until you get the best fit. You can also choose between disposables or razors with replaceable heads.

Adjust with the Grain

According to most manly advice, you need to shave with the grain; however, there is a problem with this technique. This is because your hair can grow in a skewed manner. You do not want to have that type of hair growth. To avoid this, you might need to observe and try shaving at an angle following the grain.

After Shave Regimen

Rinse with warm water after shaving. Warm water effectively removes the excess gel or cream. After that, you can close the pores with a splash of cold water. You can also have an optional aftershave lotion to disinfect and soothe the area.

Take Your Time

Lastly, always take your time when shaving. Like most guys, you may seem to rush with your shaving process. Taking your time is your best secret to avoiding those post-shave skin problems.

Source by Paul De Vizard