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Things have never been worse for the “boy face”—the unfortunate souls unable to grow adequate facial hair. Facial hair has long been associated with wisdom, virility, and above all, manliness. A full beard is one of the clearest indications of healthy testosterone levels in the body; which is wired into men’s and women’s brains as being a highly desirable trait. If that isn’t bad enough, every November has become an annual reminder of the boy face’s ineptitude. “Movember”—the annual event where men grow moustaches to raise money for men’s health issues—has grown from local fundraiser to worldwide phenomenon in less than a decade. Unfortunately, a quirky, clever way to bring about much needed attention to men’s health has transformed into an annual referendum on manliness. During Movember, the boy face gets chastised for being uncharitable at best and unmanly at worst.

I had heard a million times from doctors that facial hair is dictated by genetics and that it was pointless to try and fight my genes. I was told I should be thankful that I didn’t have to shave every day! Well, I wasn’t willing to accept those answers or my genetic facial follicle growing deficiencies. There had to be a way to overcome my genetics and to turn the odds in my favour. I knew I was never going to be confused for a member of ZZ Top or Duck Dynasty, but I desperately wanted to grow a real beard.

This book documents my journey from Movember chump to champ. I’ll give you some background as to why some men are able to grow a beard by lunch and why some can only manage a few whiskers. I’ll discuss the latest research showing not only what facial hair projects to other men (and the opposite sex), but how it affects a man’s perception of himself. Then I’ll get to the good stuff. I’ll discuss all the methods proven to help men grow more facial hair. This includes what I used (and didn’t use) to dramatically increase my facial hair growth in less than a year.

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