Say Goodbye to Stubble and Hello to a Perfect Shave


It's clear that a quick shave with an electric shaver followed by a splash of aftershave is not going help you look your best for work or leisure or indeed help you to stay looking young for long. To help I've put together a procedure that busy men can follow to get a perfect shave everyday. The great thing about this shaving procedure is, its quick and gives great results every time.

Step 1 – Make sure your face is clean before you start to shave.

Firstly, before shaving, your face should be clean so, this means cleansing. Most men prefer to use soap to wash their face. The skincare company's have responded to this need with facial soap bars that will not dry out your skin but will clean those pores which will help to prevent infection if you cut yourself while shaving. If you do not have a separate facial soap then its best to wash your face with a little shaving soap and then rinse this off before you start your shave. Using a gentle exfoliating cream once a week is also a good way to remove dead skin cells and prepare the skin for shaving.

Ideally after cleaning, a face towel should be dampened in warm water, run out and the applied to your face for 30 seconds before shaving, this will help soften and loosen the hair and skin. In the real World you will not have time for this. You can save time by showering before you shave because the warm water, heat and steam will help relax your face before you start to shave.

Step 2 – Preparing your badger shaving brush for action.

Before you get into the shower, fill a shaving bowl with hot water and leave your badger shaving brush in the bowl. While you are showing, the badger hair in the brush will soften and absorb the hot water and this will help you get a better lather later.

When you get out of the shower empty the shaving bowl and use a good quality shaving soap to work up a good lather. Add a few drops of hot water from the tap to raise the temperature and loosen the lather if necessary. Use the brush to apply this rich lather to your face. Use the brush to raise the hairs and relax the skin before shaving.

Step 3 – Using you shaving razor.

Make sure that you've got a nice sharp razor blade. Men who switch from using quick mass-market shaving foams to using a quality shaving soap and a badger shaving brush often report that they notice that their razor blades stay sharp for longer. When you think about it this makes sense, because the beard is being made softer before shaving so the razor has less work to do.

Always shave in the direction of the beard to prevent soreness of the skin. Use short strokes and do not apply too much pressure. After each stroke rinse the razor under the hot water tap to keep it fresh and clean.

When choosing a razor, throw out your cheap disposable razors and invest in a weighted razor that is compatible with the razor blades available in Chemists and Supermarkets. This again will provide a smoother shave and the razor itself will last for years. Edwin Jagger of Sheffield England has become the benchmark for quality craftsmanship in shaving razors and accessories, and their Diffusion range of razors Diffusion offer great value.

Step 4 – Shaving mirrors

You need a good mirror when shaving so that you can see what you're doing. If you are ever lucky enough to be able to design a new bathroom, I highly recommend that you invest in a heater pad for your mirror. Your electrician will be able to stick the heater pad behind the mirror and then wire it so that when the light is on the mirror is warmed just enough that it will not steam up.

Step 5 – Wash you face when you finish shaving.

Once you have finished shaving rinse you face first with plenty of warm water. This will remove any remaining soap and make sure your face is clean. Then rinse it again with cold water to close your pores – never rinse the soap off with cold water, as it will cause the pores to close quickly, trapping particles of soap.

Step 6 – Keeping you shaving kit in pristine condition.

Do not forget to rinse your shaving brush, razor and shaving bowl. I recommend that you dry any metal parts on a towel to keep your shaving set in pristine condition. The shaving brush should be left out to dry naturally and preferably you'll place it in a shaving stand with the bristles pointing downwards, so that water runs away from the handle. Do not be tempted to skip this step – you need to keep your razor and brush clean to avoid a build up of bacteria that could then cause a skin infection.

Step 7 – Do not forget to use a moisturizing lotion

Leave it a little while until you're getting dressed and then apply a good quality moisturizing lotion or cream depending upon your skin type. Do not apply aftershave to your face as the alcohol content will dry your skin and may even burn. You may need to try a few different moisturizers until you find the one that is perfect for your skin.

Step 8 – Staying organized when away from home for work or pleasure.

When traveling away from home overnight, I highly recommend that you obtain a hanging washbag (sometimes known as a hanging toiletries bag). You can pack all your shaking kit into one of these bags and then hang it on the back of your hotel rooms bathroom door, to keep everything together and well organized. This will save you a lot of time when you need to pack everything up to checkout of your hotel in the morning.

Source by Linda Garrould