Sex and Mens Grooming

You may wonder what sex has to do with men's grooming. The truth is it has a lot to do with it! With your clothes on or off, appealing someone, even someone you are currently having sex with is important. If you're a well groomed and well dressed man that will instantly make you more attractive.

Guys who take care of themselves in terms of how they dress, how they shave, how they take care of their skin, and even how they trim their body hair are going to be sexier than those who do not. It's worth the little bit of time it takes to get yourself well groomed and ready for "action" so to speak. It is said that men think about sex every 7 seconds – so what are you waiting for?

Your confidence level will also increase when you know you look your best. The result is that you'll be more confident and better able to perform. After all, who can complain when they can tell you've taken the time to make yourself look great? Your sex partner will be able to tell! Think of it this way – a great singer for example, prepares himself to put on the best concert he can.

A great ballet dancer rehearses to make sure he is as perfect as possible on stage. The same goes for how you take care of yourself. Putting the time in to looking your best pays off! If you do not do anything but shower and shave, chances are you're not putting your best self forward. Even finding out how to shave so your shave looks great is an improvement over just slapping on some shaving cream and quickly shaving it off.

The same goes for how you take care of your teeth, in terms of how you look when you smile. If you've taken the time to keep your teeth as clean and as white as possible, that's an instant turn on. Another question to ask yourself is if you have body odor. Who wants to have sex with a guy that smells like a skunk? Nobody! Do you even think to check how you smell before going on a date or going to bed with someone?

In my book 'Grooming Secrets For Men', there's a reason why I have a section devoted to just body odor and how to get rid of it naturally. Your grooming habits all work together in terms of making you as attractive as possible. The way you dress also plays a part in your attraction level. Not only will looking your best attract the people you want to attract, it will also make you more confident in bed as well!

Source by David Bartky