Should I Be Bothered About The Removal Of Pubic Hair?


What is the purpose of pubic hair? Scientists are still not sure about the purpose of pubic hair on our bodies. Some of the suggested uses of pubic hair include:

  1. Pubic hair captures pheromones and disperses it to attract people of the opposite sex.
  2. Pubic hair protects the private parts against friction during sexual intervention.
  3. Hair in the pubic region helps to keep the private parts warm.
  4. Shields dirt from the private parts.

Should I Get Rid Of My Pubic Hair?

People have been obsessed with the removal of pubic hair through the ages for vanity, comfort, hygiene, religious and sexual reasons. With the growing popularity of the bare look since the nineties, many men and women feel pressured to follow this trend in order to fit in. The decision to remove your pubic hair should be determined according to your beliefs and personal preferences. Whatever your reason, it is imperative that you understand the pros and cons of the common pubic hair removal methods to choose the method that suits you best.

5 Common Pubic Hair Removal Methods

1. Shaving – The most common tools for shaving the pubic region are conventional electric shavers and razor blades. For men, this would most likely be their electric beard shaver or razor blade while women use their leg shavers. As a result, most people get nasty side effects like ingrown hairs, itching and pubic pimples. If only they bothered to purchase a real pubic hair shaver.

2. Waxing – This method is not for everyone. It hurts a lot and you have to expose your private parts to a stranger at a salon. The good thing is it promises to last longer than shaving. Alternately, you may purchase home waxing kits to do it yourself in the privacy and comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost of visiting a professional.

3. Depilatories – Hair removal gels, creams, lotions and roll-ons are some of the common types of depilatories. The chemicals in the depilatories break down hair so that you may clean them away easily. However, very few products are specifically designed for the pubic region. It is not recommended to use these products on a skin surface it was not designed for to prevent skin irritation.

4. Trimming – This is more for people who just want to reduce the length of their pubic hair. The most basic tool is to simply use a pair of scissors to trim your pubic hair to your desired length. It is kind of dangerous to use a sharp tool near your intimate parts. If that worries you, there are specialized tools available to trim your pubic hair without the risk of cutting cleaned.

5. Permanent Removal – Electrolysis and laser treatments are 2 of the common permanent hair removal solutions. Electrolysis is an extremely exhausting process that requires each hair follicle to be disabled one by one. Laser treatments are more efficient as they can disable hair follicles in an area of ​​your skin with light beams. These treatments require multiple sessions to completely eradicate hair from your pubic region and they will cost a minimum of $ 500 or more.

Source by Nat Williams