The Best Female Pleasure Points

For the men, how well do you know your woman’s anatomy? For women, do you know well enough your own body parts? Have you identified all your sensitive spots? If the answer to both questions is in the negative, it is high time to spend some moments to learn these very important parts and vital points of a woman’s body. It will definitely come in handy when you are making love to her and trying to make her experience a mind-numbing orgasm.

It is common knowledge perhaps that the most natural erogenous parts of a woman’s body are the breasts, thighs, neck and the clitoris. However, focusing on stimulating these zones can be quite boring and irksome when done every time you engage in sex with her. Nowadays, men and women alike are finding other body parts which have been overlooked before, to be pleasure-giving when stimulated correctly. Here are some female pleasure points to boost her libido and help you get on the road to giving her an explosive orgasm.

The hand can be quite erotic when stimulated appropriately. The base of the fingers, where it joins the palm, is very sensitive due to its numerous nerve-endings. Kissing these spots as well as the wrists, where you usually dab your perfume, would send jolts of electrical charges all through her body that would gear up her sexual arousal. The inner side of her arm can also be very sensitive. Caressing and kissing this area can evoke tremors in her body and send signals down to her triangle area.

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory and can also be quite an effective pleasure point. Caressing her hair can give her feeling-good points especially if it is coupled with your telling her how shiny and nice to touch it. Kissing the side of her neck might seem like you are simulating Count Dracula’s days. However, gentle kisses on her neck can multiply her exhilaration.

Caressing and kissing her earlobes and the area behind it can melt any woman’s stoic stance. Take the notch up higher by whispering in her ear and talk dirty-sexy. A man’s breath on the skin on this area is enough to fuel her wet down below. Couple it with some whispering, outlining in detail what you are planning to do to her. The anticipation and excitement of what is to come will drive any girl crazy with desire for you.

Maintaining eye contact as you do all these wonderful things to her lets her know that you are into her, not just her body parts. Locking gaze with her as you suck on her fingers and kiss its webs is very sexual and can drive her nuts in heighten anticipation.

Arousing her passion through her nose is not an uncommon practice for sex gurus. The sense of smell is a very overpowering sense that can make her squirt if you know what scent turns her on the most. Studies yielded that a combination smell of cucumber and licorice can spark a female’s desire for her man. Not to be disregarded however is the natural smell of a full-bloodied male which can evoke pleasant sensations and feelings in a woman, leading to a highly sexually-charge encounter.

The lip is one of the most taken for granted erogenous zone of both men and women. Making sure that it is well moisturize and soft can enhance the feeling of pleasure as you nibble on it. Skip the wet slob kisses, for it is only good for groping teenagers. If you want to fuel her desire, make your exploration of her lips slow and sensual. No hurried and very wet kisses on her lips as she might mistake you for her pet dog lapping at her face with slobs of wet kisses.

A female’s belly is one of the most underrated sensitive parts of her body. You can stimulate her senses by stroking her belly tenderly or kissing it and her belly button. Heighten the sensation by trailing soft kisses along her ribcage. When you feel her panting and pushing her lower half body towards you, then you are on the right track.

The other female parts that are worth exploring are the small of her back, the inner portion of her thighs, the right side to her spine, the back of her knees and her calf. Tenderly stroking and kissing these areas can trigger sensations that would probably send her towards the edge of oblivion. These zones are highly erotic but had not been taken advantage of by most people. So, the next time you engage in a sexual romp with your girl, better spend some productive time on these areas to determine what turns her on the most. As women are different from each other, they might react differently to the different stimulation of these areas. Testing each identified area would be a safe option to take, to determine the real score.

Source by Vivian J Wu