Top Five Shaving Foams for Men – Rated and Reviewed


Grooming is an important element of a man’s attractiveness. Shaving forms one of the basic aspects of male styling. Shaving foams are very much required to easily style and maintain one’s facial hair. Whether you prefer a clean shaven look or you want to retain some of the facial hair, shaving foams comes in handy for a smooth and nick-free shave.

You would like to kick start your day with a soothing and refreshing shave. Other than a good shaving system, it is important to select a suitable shaving foam depending on your type of skin. Cuts and nicks are a standard hazard if you use a bad quality shaving razor and cream. Here are my top 5 shaving foams that can meet your expectations of a soothing and a comfortable shave.

My Top 3

1. Gillette Foam – Lemon Lime (196 G)

Gillette is a well known name in the men’s grooming industry. Gillette Foam – Lemon Lime will make your skin feel fresh and radiant. This will also leave a delicate explosion of lemon-lime fragrance. This foam is enriched with the scent of lemons and limes. This shaving foam’s thick and extra rich creamy lather also features the Gillette Comfort Glide Formula ™ which includes glycerine and special lubricants. Glycerine keeps the skin hydrated and the lubricants ensure a smooth razor movement over your skin. This foam rinses off easily and leaves your skin soft and smooth for a long time.

2. Denim Awaken Him Black Shaving Foam (300 ml)

Denim Awaken Him Black Shaving Foam moisturizes your skin and protects all skin types, keeping it soft and fresh. The rich and creamy lather of this foam supplies hydration to your skin while you shave. This rich foam forms a shield over your skin and protects it from any irritations. Spread this foam on the area you want to shave using a brush to give you a clean shave.

3. Old Spice Shave Foam – Musk (250 G)

You must be familiar with the Old Spice brand. They have been in the men’s grooming market for a long time. This foam comes with the clean and crisp scent of musk. This has a rich lather which offers you a comfortable and cool shave and provides protection against cuts, nicks, and shaving irritations. The musk fragrance stays with you long after you have finished shaving.

How to use to shaving foams for a clean and comfortable shave?

You should wet the area where you want to shave with warm water. Once this is done, apply foam directly on the face and slowly work up a rich lather using a shaving brush. The shaving brush helps in lifting every strand of the stubble from your skin. This also ensures that the foam is even spread all over the area you want to shave. Avoid the foam getting into your eyes or nostrils. In case it gets into your eyes or nostrils, wash it off immediately with clean and cool water. Use a good quality razor system with multiple blades. Remove the hair with the razor stroke going with the grain of hair growth. Shaving against the grain can result in damaging the upper layer of the skin. Do not put too much pressure on the razor system and let the blade do its work. Once you have removed all the hair and foam, repeat the process to get a smoother shave. Wash your face with cold water to close all the skin pores. Use a good aftershave lotion to protect your skin from any nicks or cuts.

My Next Top 2

4. Loreal Paris Men Expert Shave Foam (200 ml)

Loreal Paris Men Expert shaving foam formula is enriched with hydrating gelatin and comes with an active defense system that reinforces your skin’s resistance. This foam also adds the desired amount of moisture and makes your skin soft and supple. This not only prevails skin dryness, it also softens your skin like never before. This foam is good for sensitive skin also. It spreads perfectly over your skin and allows easy gliding of the razor. Your skin will not feel tight even after rinsing.

5. Nivea For Men Extra Moisturizer Shaving Foam (200 ml)

Nivea Extra Moisturizer Shaving Foam is a rich moisturizing foam that contains Aloe Vera, vitamins and active moisturizers. This ensures a superior gliding of the razor and a very soothing shave. The vitamins helps in protecting against skin irritations. The active moisturizers help in preventing the skin from drying while shaving. It has an advanced formula with Ultra Glide Technology that softens the hair for a friction-free closer and smoother shave.


Source by Vinod Kumar Mukundan