Treat Ingrown Hair, Folliculitis and Razor Bumps Naturally


An inflamed follicle can often develop signs that resemble acne. Itchy, pimple like skin bumps (called furuncles or many together carbuncles) are a comprehensive sign of ingrown hair infection and folliculitis. Ingrown hair is a condition where the hair curls back or grows laterally into the skin. It may or may not coincide with an irritated hair follicle or razor bumps (pseudofolliculitis barbae). The reddish, pustules may be similar to acne breakouts in color and form but obviously appear for different reasons and are treated differently. Shaving and ingrown hair seem to go hand in hand. Severe razor burns, razor or shaving bumps, inflamed follicles are painful, but common skin conditions that need to be understood and treated for prevention of further problems.

Rashes from shaving are almost impossible to cover with makeup or other cosmetic concealers. Due to their prominence appearance they are the first thing people see when looking at a face. Affected persons usually take action against the hair follicle inflammation with aggressive antiseptics or aftershaves in order to avoid the spread of bacteria and chronic folliculitis. These lotions kill the germs, but leave the skin dry and sore and even more irritated than it was before.

How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hair

People generally assume that switching to an electric razor is better for their condition. Many are blended by the adverts seen on TV where their advantage is highly praised. Whereas they facilitate shaving, they will not help avoid folliculitis and ingrown facial hair. Sensitive skin will always be prone to develop skin irritations, no matter which hair removal method is used. Shaving is not always fun if you are surrounded with folliculitis or ingrown hairs; growing a beard might be a practical solution, but many people dislike facial hair and the scratching that sometimes accompanious beard growth. You must address the condition and not just avoid it because it may keep getting worse if you do not.

Prevent Ingrown Hairs

There are various remedies to avoid skin irritations after shaving, see here a few recommendations:

– Switch razor blades more frequently and keep the blades completely clean.

– Shower or dampen the areas you want to shave for 2 minutes with warm water to soften the hairs.

– Always shave in a specific direction with the grains.

– Do not apply strong, bacterial killing antibiotics; they can cause some pretty serious side effects.

– Use a 100% natural moisturizing and antiseptic lotion without alcohol

Source by Lisel Torgerson