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  • Beard Comb Fine & Coarse tooth, in a Synthetic Leather Case With a Gift Box. Luxurious Sandalwood.

    PREMIUM COMB, BEST A BEARDSMAN CAN GET made of 100% green sandalwood. Carefully handcrafted to the finest detail. Seamless construction and smooth finishing ensure gentle combing without snagging or pulling. This comb also loves beard oil!
    FINE SIDE AND COARSE SIDE in same comb! Detangle with coarse side, style and finish with fine side. Sandalwood has an AROMATIC SCENT which varies in strength. ENGRAVED LOGO gives a quality touch.
    ANTISTATIC & DURABLE. Solid construction will go though any size of beard leaving a groomed, polished feel. Reduce waste and purchase Mabeian product, which will last a lifetime. Being a natural product, each comb is unique in color and wood fiber pattern and may look slightly different from the images. Handmade (!) so size may vary a little bit.