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  • Pracht Beard Brush Made of High Quality Wood and Boar Bristle Tone Beard, Cleans and Cares – 100% Natural Product Made in Germany)

    9 to 5 centimetres. We selected an oval grip in the perfect size. This gives you something to clutch on to. Seven rows of natural boar bristles combined with oiled pear wood. Perfect look and feel.
    Whether a moustache, goatee, or full beard – our stylish beard brush tames and nourishes your beard! Facial hair not only lures ladies, but yourself as well.
    Does your beard get shabby and out of shape pretty quickly? This is exactly why you need the beard brush! Its natural boar bristles penetrate deep into your beard and gently separate and untangle your facial hair. In the process, the natural hair product from your skin is distributed onto your beard thereby regulating the natural sebum and blood flow of your facial skin.