Why Skin Maintenance?


Your awareness of changes to your skin may come as a sudden surprise, but that change does not happen over night. We unknowingly torment our skin with environmental toxins during most of our lives and if you live in a city, exposure to gritty city pollution, smog and car exhaust is inevitable. A hectic business lifestyle exposes you to oxygen-depleted, recycled air on planes, trains and in buildings buildings, along with greater stress levels and increased daily exposure to sun. Outdoor hobbies expose you to extreme cold, heat, sun, wind, and rain and did I mention the everyday irritants like cigarette smoke, cleaning agents, even carpet and vinyl off-gassing effect your skin. The stamina of our 9 layer, 1/8 "thick, skin is incredible and there is little we can do to stop the environment from confronting our skin every day, but there are ways to protect and repair the skin with new unique product formulas and technologies that offer better and more user friendly ways to make skin maintenance a simple part of every day life:

o Cleanse twice a day to remove dirt, dead skin cells and accumulated oils. Please note that aggressive cleansing does not benefit the skin; in fact it disposes the protective shield of the outer most surface of the skin, the epidermis. DO NOT use deodorant soap; it is much too harsh and dehydrates your face. A gentle cleanser with warm (not hot) water is the best.

o Shaving after (or in) the shower is the best way to a smooth, irritation-free skin; warm water and steam soften the beard while making the skin moist and pliable. Hot steel cuts more efficiently so rinse the blade with hot water before you start. Products that provide a good lubricating barrier can make this a "hair-raising" but easy experience.

o Hydrate twice a day because cell renewal slows as we age causing less natural moisture to be manufactured while more surface moisture evaporates. A good moisturizer contains a mix of water attracting and water holding ingredients; today's new technologies are providing lightweight, non greasy alternatives.

o Sun Protection is a daily must! Sun exposure is the greatest aggressor to the skin by far, and UV damage is the most under-rated assault to your body today. You may need a range of sunscreen products for your lifestyle; minimal coverage for everyday runs in and out of the house and office, and higher SPF coverage for weekends and sports, especially while driving the car. That gradation on the windshield is NOT sun-protection, it's just a smoke gray color, and the sun's reflected UVA deeply penetrates window glass ALL year long.

o Exfoliate 1-2 times per week. Exfoliation is the process of sloughing off dead skin cells to stimulate the growth of fresh cells while helping to unclog pores, and open pores lift beard hair for easier shaving. Exfoliants usually come in two forms; a granular scrub that removes dead skin cells from the surface, and a fruit acid or enzyme to break down the bonds between new and old cells, making it easier to remove dead cells to reveal smoother, healthier looking skin.

Environmental aging accounts for 70% of the dermal aging process; If you are diligent about your skin maintenance you have over 100 opportunities a month to calm, soothe and protect your skin from environmental injuries.

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