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  • PARSA Men Beard Brush softens, Shapes, cleanses and Cares for Every Beard

    For many men, the beard is the fashion accessory par excellence and stands for both uniqueness and individuality, as well as proud masculinity. Our popular beard brush will help you care for and style your beard, free it from dandruff and dirt, and make it easier to apply care products such as facial hair. Bart oil.
    The brush provides best care results for your beard. Due to the bristles, which are soft in contrast to the comb, care is much more pleasant and gentler on the skin and beard roots. The ergonomically shaped handle of our brush is made of pear wood and hand-stained. Each brush has a light, unique texture.
    Synthetic bristles optimally absorb the natural nutrients of your skin and distribute them evenly in your beard hair. In no time at all the beard is shed and knot-free and soft. So that both the hairline and the skin are cared for, the bristles are graduated in length. Dead skin particles are easily removed.

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